Restoration on the Half Shell 


Restoration on the Half Shell is an interactive “mini-conference” experience, ideal for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of our land loss crisis but who don’t want the more technical presentations found at the full State of the Coast conference.

Restoration on the Half Shell 2018 included presentations about the current state of land loss, coastal restoration, flood risk reduction, and the plans to address these issues. The program had pertinent, timely information from presenters with a wealth of technical knowledge delivered in a non-technical fashion. This was complemented with a panel discussion to tie together a diversity of perspectives on the challenges we face living, working, and playing in Coastal Louisiana. Ask questions, give your opinion, and be part of the solution.

Restoration on the Half Shell only comes around once every two years. We'll see you in 2020! 

Presentations and Presenters:
A Strategy to Combat Our Land Loss Problems
Alisha Renfro, National Wildlife Federation
Louisiana’s Master Plan and its Implementation
Bren Haase, Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority
Planning for the Next Generation’s Coast and Communities
Corey Miller, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana
How You Can Engage and Take Action
Colette Pichon Battle, Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy


Denese ShervingtonInstitute of Women & Ethnic Studies

Carol BebelleAshe Cultural Arts Center

Chief Thomas DardarUnited Houma Nation

Jonathan ForetSouth Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center

Ryan LambertCajun Fishing Adventures