SOC2023 post-event resources are live!

Student Opportunities


Students presenting at the SOC2023 conference were eligible to have their registration waived, thanks to a sponsorship from Louisiana Sea Grant.

Students who presented at the conference will be prioritized in scholarship selection.  


A select number of students had the opportunity to earn a SOC2023 registration fee waiver in exchange for up to 6 hours of volunteer service, thanks to a sponsorship from Louisiana Sea Grant.

Volunteer tasks included, but are not limited to:​
  • Assist with conference registration.
  • Monitor assigned sessions to alert technical staff if moderators or presenters require assistance.
  • Assist SOC team with tasks in the plenary hall and exhibit hall.


A student competition was offered to undergraduates and graduate students presenting talks or posters at the conference. Conference attendees helped judge the student projects. Cash prizes were awarded for the following:

  • Graduate Student Talks: 1st/2nd/3rd: $500/250/125
  • Undergraduate and High School Student Talks: 1st/2nd/3rd: $500/250/125
  • Graduate Student Posters: 1st/2nd/3rd: $500/250/125
  • Undergraduate & High School Student Posters: 1st/2nd/3rd: $500/250/125

Students were offered the opportunity to opt into the student competition upon acceptance of their proposals. 

2023 Student Award Winners:


1st – $500 – Omar Ulloa  

2nd – $300 – Emerson Morris (tie 2nd) 

2nd – $300 – Grayson Loudon (tie 2nd) 

3rd – $150 – Laura Manuel (tie 3rd) 

3rd – $150 – Robert Feder (tie 3rd) 

4th – $100 – Jasmine Bekkaye (tie 4th) 

4th – $100 – Julia Sweet (tie 4th)  

5th – $75 – Anissa Hyde 

Oral presentations: 

1st – $500 – Andrea Santariello 

2nd – $300 – Kevin Stoner 

3rd – $150 – Carissa Thiel  

4th – $100 – Elizabeth Prior 

5th – $75 – Michelle Lignieres 

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Student scholarships and volunteer opportunities

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