SOC2023 post-event resources are live!

Why Attend?

CRCL hosted State of the Coast 2023, the seventh biennial conference, in partnership with Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, The Water Institute and Louisiana Sea Grant.

SOC2023 consisted of three days of presentations by leading experts in concurrent sessions, keynote presentations, poster sessions and networking opportunities. More than 1,200 scientists, landowners/managers, federal and state agency personnel, local officials, industry and business leaders, resource users, and interested residents attended State of the Coast.

About CRCL

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to unite people in action to achieve a thriving, sustainable Louisiana coast for all.

Incorporated in 1988, CRCL represents a unique mix of businesses, local governments, industries, scientific communities, national and local conservation groups, hunters, anglers and a broad spectrum of concerned residents who all share a common vision and commitment to the future of coastal Louisiana. The common vision of these varied and diverse interests is the driving strength of CRCL, the most effective and recognized costal advocacy organization in the state.

Recognizing that Louisiana’s coastal land loss is having dramatic impacts on the nation’s energy, navigation and fishing interests, CRCL works at the local, state and federal levels to ensure that restoring and protecting coastal Louisiana is a top priority for our state and the nation.

In addition to our role as advocate and watchdog, we also serve as responsible stewards of Louisiana’s rich coastal wetlands. We facilitate and fund restoration projects through our Native Plants Program, and we work diligently to raise awareness and educate others about the importance of preserving and restoring our coast.

The multifaceted, comprehensive and coastwide approach to restoration distinguishes CRCL from every other civic and environmental group in the state.

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