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2023 resources

SOC2023 presentation materials and session content

Following the conclusion of the State of the Coast conference, presenters were asked for consent for their presentation materials to be made available here. If you were a presenter at SOC2023 and you would like to share your work, please fill out this form and send an email to

Poster session

Session #06 Ecological and Social Dynamics of Natural and Restored Coastal Ridges

Session #04 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law: Accessing Federal Funds for Resilient Coasts and Communities – Panel

Session #08 Ida over lafourche

Session #16 Looking Below the Surface to Inform Better Restoration Outcomes

Session #20 Major Infrastructure Initiatives Progress: Bayou Region’s Flood & Economic Resiliency

Session #26 An Overview of Grant and Other Nontraditional Financing Opportunities for Coastal Projects*

Session #29 Coastal Master Plan Tools

Session #48 Transforming Environmental Review: Getting Restoration Projects on the Ground Faster – Panel

Session #50 Marsh Creation Design and AssessmentTargeted Small Scale Marsh Restoration

Session #52 Diverse Benefits of Coastal Restoration

Session #53 Flood Risk Management through Actionable Information for Gulf Coast Homeowners

Session #60 Factors that influence the abundance and resilience of wildlife and fisheries

Session #61 Research on Sediment Diversions

Session #70 Public Trust Doctrine: An Evolving Legal Theory for an Evolving Coastline- Panel

Session #74 Project Successes and Ecosystem Impacts – Rivers and Swamps

Session #78 The Lowermost Mississippi River Management Program: Modeling and Strategic Management Support

Session #79 Nature Based Solutions

Session #83 Using Modeling to Manage Coastal Ecosystems

Session #91 Blue Carbon: Opportunities and Uncertainties

Session #92 How the National Flood Insurance Program Is Influencing the Face of the Coast – Panel

Session #95 RESTORE Act Center of Excellence for LA: Research highlights and Coastal Master Plan utilization

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